About Us

Leaking Toilet Guys puts emphasis on the provision affordable and quality toilet repair and replacement services. We also offer installation and transport services to our customers who want to change their toilets due to constant leaking, and always keep in touch to know how our products are faring. We at Leaking Toilet Guys have been on the rise due to our services and the way we treat our customers. We have the best customer care and sales team who will always serve you beyond your expectations.

Our mission and vision

Our vision points is to grow to a world class company providing sanitary services and products all over the world. We have a well set strategy to have outlets and distribution points in different towns and cities to be able to serve customers from all over.

Our mission is to create an organization that meets the customer specifications and does it right. Provide a culture of transparency and quality in the sanitaryindustry.to be an organization that the customers will look for solutions and long term relationships full of connections and delivery of better and affordable services. Safety of our workers and customers is also an integral part of our mission.

Our commitment

We at Leaking Toilet Guys are committed to health and safety of all our customers. We always ensure we solve toilet leakages since they can cause health hazard if left unattended for a long time. We also ensure we teach our customers on the best ways to protect themselves from waste of the toilets. Our workers also have protective gear which they always use when working on leaking toilets to avoid from being infected with bacteria and other germs coming from the toilets.

Leaking Toilet Guys puts all energies in the provision of best and satisfactory services to all the residents and businesses. The prosperity and success of our business is highly dependent on building good and lasting relationships with the clients and the industry players thus Leaking Toilet Guys strives to ensure that we build a good relationship with all our clients so as to help us serve them better and also to learn and forge stronger bonds with other businesses. When customers contact Leaking Toilet Guys we take time to understand the customer needs and requirements and give them an opportunity to choose the ideal day and time when to provide our services.

Customer relations

We at Leaking Toilet Guys have always ensured that we keep the customer as the number one in all our undertakings. We always listen to the customers’ demands and specifications and always do our best in ensuring that the customer needs are met in earnest and in the right ways.

Leaking Toilet Guys has the best and competent experts and work who have several years of experience so as to provide high quality services to our clients. We also tap on emerging talents by offering internships to students from local colleges and universities to bring new ideas and also for them to learn. Leaking Toilet Guys also ensures proper maintenance of our tools and equipment to ensure we are always effective in the provision of our services.

Customer Expectation

When customers visit us they expect to be served without wasting time, to be attended to with courtesy as we believe that customer is always king and without a customer the business cannot prosper. We also ensure all customer needs and inquiries are handled in the best ways.

For more information about our services, contact us on 888-313-0898.

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